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10 Great Photoshop Tutorial Sites You Must Bookmark

When it comes to Photoshop and graphic design there are always going to be new things to learn. The software is always updating, new plug-ins are created, brush packs available and new exciting filters are created to enhance photos and create effects that were not possible before. The best way to keep up with these amazing updates is to consistently visit great Photoshop tutorial sites. There are a lot of mediocre Photoshop tutorial websites on the web but J2 Productionz is saving you the time and energy by posting a Top 10 must Photoshop Tutorial Site Bookmark list. Add these to your social bookmarking sites and you will be sure to improve your Photoshop skills immensely, be more creative with your pieces and strengthen your core skills as well. If you have any additional websites you would like to recommend please feel free to do so in the comments section below or share them on the J2 Productionz Facebook or Twitter pages. We hope you enjoy this tutorial website list and happy learning and join our mailing list above for more tutorials every Tuesday! Here are 10 great Photoshop tutorial websites: 1. PSD tuts - Easily the best Photoshop tutorial website on the web. Psdtuts+ is a leading blog and community for Photoshop tutorials. Learn photo manipulation, retouching, icon design, text effects, and much more. 2. PS Hero – A great Photoshop Tutorials on Graphic Design and digital photo effects as well as offering a selection of free Photoshop Custom Shapes, Photo Edges and other Photoshop Resources. 3. Smashing Magazine – This is a website that has great Photoshop tutorials along with web design tips, typography tricks, coding resources, mobile design and much more. 4. Photoshop Tutorials - Photoshop tutorials for beginners to experts. Learn tips and tricks on how to use Photoshop for photo editing, manipulations, designs, and more. 5. Tutorial 9 - Tutorial9 provides tutorials encompassing graphic design, website development, and photography. All lessons offered are entirely free, and community participation is encouraged. It is a great site for a daily dose of Photoshop knowledge 6. Photoshop Essentials - Where anyone can learn Photoshop. Exclusive, easy to follow Photoshop tutorials! Step by step instructions, perfect for beginners! This site will improve your core Photoshop skills. 7. Deviantart - DeviantArt is a forum for graphic designers and photographers.It is one the largest design communities online. It is an excellent resource for fresh tutorials from diverse artists around the world. It will also inspire your designs with great works posted from users within the community. 8. Photoshop Café - PhotoshopCAFE is one of the largest collection of free quality original photoshop tutorials on the web. They offer great guides for email subscribers and tutorials that will benefit Photoshop users at all skill levels. 9. Photoshop Star – Photoshop Star features step by step free Photoshop tutorials for any skill level. Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, Tips and Articles. 10. - This site features tons of contests and thousands of great tutorials to learn from.

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