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50 Ways to Spark Your Creativity

It is very easy nowadays to get caught up in a daily routine no matter what

profession or lifestyle have. Sometimes these routines deprive us of our youthful creativity. Today J2 Productionz Graphic and Website Design has a list of 50 Ways to spark that lost creativity and allow you to create ideas and thoughts that will enhance your life and stimulate your mind. Please feel free to add more ideas to this list in the comments section of this article. We will gladly add to this list as time goes by with your suggestions. Be creative everyone! 1. Write a Bucket List 2. Listen to a New Musical Artist 3. Pick Up a Pencil and Draw Anything That Comes to your Head 4. Go To a New Place You Have Never Been Before 5. Write Down / Record any Ideas That Arise 6. Read A New Blog 7. Join a Forum Group 8. Take a Class Or Online Webinar 9. Read a New Book 10. Go Outside and be Active 11. Watch a Foreign Language Movie 12. Cook a New Recipe 13. Do a Google Search For Interesting Topics 14. Go to the Mall and Just Browse 15. Find Images / Symbols in the Clouds 16. Write Song Lyrics 17. Go to a Musuem 18. Join a Club 19. Keep a Personal Journal 20. Do Community Service 21. Follow and Browse New Pinterest Boards 22. Look at Classic Works of Art 23. Don't Use the Internet For a Day 24. Network With New People In Person or Online 25. Shut Off Your Cell Phone For A Couple of Hours 26. Make a Collage 27. Do a Painting 28. Work on a Puzzle 29. Take a Hot Undisturbed Shower 30. Reconnect With Old Friends 31. Take a New Way to a Common Destination 32. Take Pictures Of Interesting Objects 33. Go Through Old Photo Albums 34. Find Anyway To Laugh During a Day 35. Visit a Local Library and Browse New Sections 36. Read An Artist Interview 37. Plant a New Plant and Nurture It To Grow 38. Have a Picnic Outside 39. Watch A Body of Water 40. See Different People's Pictures on Instagram / Flickr 41. Look at Other People's Work In Your Field 42. Attend a Conference 43. Organize Your Work Place and Add Fun Items To It 44. View Random Videos on YouTube / Vimeo 45. Create Your Own Edited Videos 46. Go to a Golf Course / Driving Range 47. Participate In A Recreational Sport 48. Finish Any Task 49. Create Pointless Rule and Follow It For a Day 50. Fill Out a Couple of Mad Libs

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